My Why?

Over the past 20 years, I've spent time coaching youth sports and assisting student athletes and their parents through the college recruiting process.  For eight of those years, I was a Recruiting Specialist and Vice President of Recruiting at the world’s largest athletic recruiting network, which has given me the insight to further assist families, all with a common need.  Verified measurables for college coaches!

Recruiting Assessments

I’ve had the privilege of speaking with thousands of student athletes and their families regarding their desire to play their sport in college. Choosing “the right fit college” to send their children is one of the biggest decisions (and most expensive) a family will ever face. Helping families navigate through that conversation has been an EYE-OPENING experience and I’m grateful to all the families who have trusted me to help guide them through that process.


During the last 8 years, in addition to speaking with all those families individually, I also had the opportunity to travel the country and speak directly with student athletes, parents, and coaches attending both small school/team events and large prestigious combines, tournaments and showcases such as Rivals Football Combines, Triple Crown Softball Combines and Premier Girls Fastpitch Tournaments.


My experience from operating the pre-mentioned combines from different sports has given me the expertise to specialize in sport specific testing.  From 40-yard dashes to Ball Exit Speed, I’ve worked with state of the art accurate equipment, trusted by major organizations, high schools and college coaches.  

Through my journey, one question kept being repeatedly asked by parents and coaches, no matter what sport their athlete played.  I could have been at a football, softball, field hockey or volleyball event and the burning question was, “How can I get my student athlete(s) tested and get their numbers verified for college coaches?"


It’s about the kids and that’s why I partnered with Zybek Sports.  Since its inception (2008) into the sports performance market, Zybek has secured its place among the elite providers of talent identification and performance analysis equipment. Products have been developed in cooperation with members of the National Strength and Conditioning Association as well as numerous High Schools and Universities around the country. Their products and services are trusted by some of the largest sports and apparel companies. Zybek has been the official NFL Combine Technology for the past 8 years. Since their inception, they have tested over 250,000 athletes worldwide.


In addition to administering the Standardized Athletic Test - SAT® at tournaments, showcases, practices and tryouts, Baseline Athletic Testing also partners with club and travel sports organizations, school PTO’s, booster clubs and other community organizations for fundraisers and speaking events.​

-Michael Zalcman